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@BOBBI.......your so right about that! it doesnt matter what anyone thinks I think tats are beautiful! Its a form of art even tho its a lil painful!

On: Dec 09, 2010

@Ros, thanks girlie! I love it and its adorable! ahahhaha! I look at it everyday like OMGEEE! cant believe I look up to someone that has an affect on me like that!

On: Dec 09, 2010

@S Shorty.........Okay well thats your opinion and for your info I do have a memorial of my Grandmother tatted on my back! that was the first one i ever got! When ppl does these things its a way to express themselves like i said before! I dont know where your goin with this but personally you dont know me or anything that I do! I will meet Trey bc im in the music business and i am doin something with myself! I have 2 different majors and I also work with children and counsel teenage girls! Everyone serves a purpose and ppl do what they want so if your here to start an argument or trouble then take it somewhere else! if your on here you should be supporting ppl! Were all a team bc we support Trey not bc we want to fuss and fight! There is no need for the remarks you made!

On: Dec 09, 2010

You guys go thru my pics to see my tat! Im gonna post some pics with my tattoo!

On: Dec 08, 2010


This makes me happy bc ppl arent calling me names! lol! I was raised in a family where marking our bodies was a NO-NO! Bc my grandmother believed that God gave you the body to take care of but not to mark it up and damage it! Sooooo i felt that way until she died and then i went tattoo nuts and it does get addicting but i do express myself thru my tats! but this one is like inspiring its crazy! But I also sing and right music and Trey is my favorite Artist so I had to do it! you guys can check my single out too on the website they started for me! Maybe Trey and I can collab! lol!

On: Dec 08, 2010
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Katerra De'Andra
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Im a 24 R&B solo artist and huge fan! Supporting Trey to the fullest! I love his music! Hoping one day we can collab! All I can say is that Im the biggest Fan! lol! Most of you on here should say the same! Put God first and you can achieve anything! Trey is living proof! Ya'll keep reppin our homeboi!!!! Love you Trey!
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