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I don't know trey songz or trey neverson the only person i know of and am a fan of is the man on the stage,videos and tv. So can't say very much .But i can say i would like to know him for who he really is not who i see on tv.

Replied To: who likes trey for his self ? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 01, 2010

I really don't think that's apart of his character.Or apart of him he is to loving.

Replied To: What if trey songz said he hated you? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 01, 2010

You ladies killin me. To answer the question hell 2 da no im not going to risk my life and my kids losing their mother because i love trey and would like the opp! At the end of the day it's not worth it, EVEN WITH A CONDOM. I'm out..

On: Sep 01, 2010

If you're really a fan it should not matter. He is a man and has his own personal needs that are private and none of our business.Thats That.

On: Sep 01, 2010

I feel if god puts 2 people together it's for a reason,so if he did make that statement he is a celebrity and a very hot,sexy and famous r&b singer.So if he can't that's his mind! But remember your heart doesn't always listen to your mind. I love him never the less there is always love in places and people you would not believe.Thats just me.

On: Sep 01, 2010
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