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All I can say is I don't care about what they say or think I love the man PEOPLE can hate all they want keep up with the dream and good work trey you are truly blessed.Much luv kat.

On: Sep 01, 2010

I would be myself , ask him things about himself that we don't know, carry on great conversations and enjoy the time i have with him. Mostly i would ask him what is he most thankful for in his life even if he didn't have the fame and attention he has.

On: Aug 31, 2010

Would I ? Hell no i am a young independent black,beautiful,funny and free spirited women.Of course i am in love with trey songz what girl isn't! I for one will not let my name go in any famous man hoe book.Because at the end of the day that's all i would be considered as and im not that kid of lady especially if i really don't know anything about the person im getting in bed with.Think about it ladies just because he is famous that doesn't mean he'll fall for you just because you gave it to him. The things we must always remember is that in order to get in bed with any man we must first love and value our selves and second have the same love and value for the man. That is my personal opinion. And n-e-ways i can't give it to him, because it was gone 10 yrs ago and i was married then. Just when you do my sure the person is worthy of it and is there for you not what he can get out of you.

On: Aug 31, 2010

I can't answer this one lost for words but i love his bright white teeth.

On: Aug 30, 2010

Well I guess we none famous ladies will never know.He is the untouchable sex icon that most of us will never meet in person, but will get to see in concert. Only the ladies from Petersburg VA,can tell you i've never been with him so i don't know.

Replied To: DO U THINK TREY SONGZ IZ A FREAK? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 30, 2010
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