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Well...Of Course Hys Looks!...But I Agree With CEREbby!...N I Like Laid Back Guys...N Thats Hym..He Dont Try To Put On Different Face For Hys Fans!....He's The Same Wherever!...So Thats Wat Mainly Attracts Me To Hym!

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 06, 2010

I Would Have To Hug Hym!...Then I'll Sing And Dance With Hym...Jus Let Hym Take The Lead!

On: Sep 06, 2010

Yes I Do!...From The Tyme I Hyt The Floor Till I Walk Out The Door!...Then When I Get Home Its Blastin Again!

On: Sep 06, 2010

I would say ONE LOVE...WHY??...cause the song is jus so amazing!!....n he have all of the charateristics of a man i would like to have!...

On: Sep 06, 2010
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