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wow,,,honestly everyday

Replied To: How often to you listen to Trey Songz? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 03, 2010

omgg thank you cause that is so true...honestly if i was to meet him i wouldnt even call him treyssonz i would say tremaine...cause i dont wana know trey i wanna get to kno good discussion

On: Aug 20, 2010

ummmmmm... i would tell him cause if u hide it from him then he is going to be mad,,cause i kno i would be if someone hide something like that from me,,but i would tell him and we just going to talk about it

On: Aug 20, 2010

i think i agree with angela,,i understnd its trey and everything but you and him dont know nothing about eachother... then you are leaving your family behind...yes really be realistic about that

On: Aug 20, 2010

he can pull off dont even matter because its trey....

On: Aug 20, 2010
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i love trey and thats it
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