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I won't be able to attend. I live in Maryland and that's a bit far to travel. Myself and other DMV Angels will attend here, locally. Thanks for the great idea though! :)

On: Jan 21, 2012

I couldn't agree more!! Trey has finally reached great heights, with more to come. His Angels are proof of how great his movement is!!! Both Trey and us Angels deserve a very something very special. I think Trey would appreciate it as well as us Angels. SOMEBODY MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!! We need to celebrate this man named TREMAIN ALDON NEVERSON =)

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On: Nov 11, 2010
Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAYS (Blog)
On: Nov 06, 2010

I dig it...good idea

Replied To: Trey's Own Body Wash ... (Forum topic)
On: Oct 21, 2010

#BubblyAngel .... @KelsAngelnHeart

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On: Oct 21, 2010
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Im proud to be a Trey's Angel, in fact my Angel Nickname is Bubbly Angel. I saw Trey for the first time in concert 8.27.10 in Baltimore, Md at the pier 6 pavilion. He sure knows how to rock a crowd! On 9.13.10 Trey Songz decided to follow me on twitter =) I also got his autograph at the cd signing at Walmart in Clinton, Md 9.18.10 and saw this gorgeous man face to face. On 10.5.10 myself and 2 other angels traveled to NYC to the So Kodak launch party to see Trey and Drake. I didnt meet Trey but I DID get a pic with JoJo. Im on a Trey Mission! =) I will get a meet and greet with him one day, Im patiently waiting =)
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