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Replied To: Brand New (Video)
On: Jul 26, 2009
Replied To: Gotta Go (Video)
On: Jul 26, 2009

My first thought would be to wear a costume of one of his favorite cartoon characters! lol: of course he probably wouldnt think of taking me home but at least he noticed me, right?! =)

Replied To: Feeling Myself (Forum topic)
On: Jul 26, 2009
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For those who don't already know me, my name is Kendra Wicks; I'm originally from Houston,TX also known as the city of Screwed music. I consider Trey to be my one and only sweetheart but in reality I'm single/independently on my own.I am a part time college student at the University of Houston & I am also a part time model for I.M.G which stands for international modeling group.