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On: Dec 07, 2009
On: Nov 05, 2009

Trey comes out on top of course! I love how he takes a beat and goes a completely different direction than the original. Dont get me wrong Mario is my n**ga and he did his thang but Trey's version is da truth.

On: Oct 08, 2009

I don't understand why ppl are so fascinated by this topic like they dont know that there are STD's out there. Crabs isnt even an STD. U can get that anywhere. Even if he had syphillis, it's still common. Anybody who's sexually active is at risk of catching this stuff. We tend to alienate ppl with STD's or ppl who've had them. With today's statistics, STD's shouldn't even be shocking anymore. As far as him coming out and saying it, I think he was just being honest. Does having crabs make a different person? No it doesn't. If anything it makes you more aware of the risks.

On: Oct 08, 2009
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I'm currently 20 yrs. old. In a transition stage in my life. I'm in love with life itself and all it has to offer. The good and the bad. Through all of life's trials and tribulations, there are lessons to be learned. Lessons that were made to make me stronger and make me a better woman for tomorrow. So if strength and wisdom is the method to the madness then I'm down for it. I'm a free spirit who just wants love and peace. Although a little conflict is necessary sometimes. I love music and an artist who is creative, authentic, diverse, got swagg, and is all around talented. Which is why I love Trey Songz! I'm certainly down with the "Yuuup" movement! lol I admire his drive and determination. His grind is unlike any other. He is definately underrated as an artist but there's no doubt in my mind that this man was destined for greatness. I SUPPORT TREY SONGZ 100%!
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