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Yes!! Me, @Mac_Glamorous1, @Mz_StilletoGlam and a couple of Angels from FL will be in rows A & B seats 15-16..don't know the other seats

On: Nov 11, 2012

I agree with both Treysnewestangel1 & Itacol2010. Also check to see if you qualify for work study. You can also check with different organizations/companies in the area to see if they offer scholarships. It may be a tedious process but don't give up. Hope this helps.

Replied To: An Angel's Cry ()
On: Aug 10, 2012

Love the new layout! Great job!!

On: Aug 10, 2012

Thanks so much for this opportunity Trey!

On: Jul 28, 2012

Welcome to the fam :). My package didn't take long at all to come. And the card was in it. Just be patient...know it may be hard, but it's coming :)

On: Jul 27, 2012
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