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Hey Angels,
Im glade to see you guys are excited about 21 and under angel events. As a matter of fact that is definitely in the works in the near future for Treys Angels so be on the look out.

Also for mentorship, junior angel , and UK updates come check out and become a member of iAngel Advocate at Its definitely for the building up of the Angel community its the ONLY social network for Treys Angels/ Angels With Heart Foundation besides Trey Songz dot com. It is for the Adult Angels as well as the 21 and under Angel group. Theres more to come. ;o)

Good Day Angels,


On: Sep 04, 2011

Ha I love that. " The New Face of Trey's Angels " Yuuup!!!! I promise you. by the close of this year........................................ ;o)

On: Sep 04, 2011

Angels Lets go. Imma need yall to comment Yall stay talking about Angels got drama this or why I should or shouldnt renew my angel membership little do you know you have angels that work overtime for yall to have more and this one of them.


On: Jun 19, 2011

Awww Thank you honey it is still a work in progress. Stay tuned much more coming soon. From Merchandise to prize packs. So much more to come. @rideordie angel!! ^_^

On: Jun 18, 2011

Yes it is the time to start thinking about what school to might want to attend and what you want to major in. One of the major things for me was knowing what I wanted to do and what are the options for me to achieve them.

I've known since I was a sophomore in H.S. I wanted to join the navy and I did. I wanted to be a Nurse and I am. Im still progressing in my career. One of the hardest parts is finding out what you want to do. You can check us out at for Scholarship posting and if there is anything you want us to research or help you with send a message and the Angel Advocate team will be sure to reply. Good Luck honey!!! ^_^


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On: Jun 17, 2011
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Hey its your girl K.J. Im from Queens NY. Navy veteran. Now Im a nurse out in Va Beach. BTW what u see is a forshadow of things to come.
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