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Hey Angels,
Im glade to see you guys are excited about 21 and under angel events. As a matter of fact that is definitely in the works in the near future for Treys Angels so be on the look out.

Also for mentorship, junior angel , and UK updates come check out and become a member of iAngel Advocate at Its definitely for the building up of the Angel community its the ONLY social network for Treys Angels/ Angels With Heart Foundation besides Trey Songz dot com. It is for the Adult Angels as well as the 21 and under Angel group. Theres more to come. ;o)

Good Day Angels,


Replied To: Under 21 Trey Events ONLY (Forum topic)
On: Sep 04, 2011

Ha I love that. " The New Face of Trey's Angels " Yuuup!!!! I promise you. by the close of this year........................................ ;o)

On: Sep 04, 2011

Angels Lets go. Imma need yall to comment Yall stay talking about Angels got drama this or why I should or shouldnt renew my angel membership little do you know you have angels that work overtime for yall to have more and this one of them.


On: Jun 19, 2011

Awww Thank you honey it is still a work in progress. Stay tuned much more coming soon. From Merchandise to prize packs. So much more to come. @rideordie angel!! ^_^

On: Jun 18, 2011

Hey hun that is awesome you are looking for more angels to do a mission with.And it can be kind of hard. Im in VA. So I will be sure to give you a S/O. If anything please be safe and if need be baby girl go head in make it happen in your city.

Keyanna @TeamTreyVA

On: Jun 17, 2011
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Hey its your girl K.J. Im from Queens NY. Navy veteran. Now Im a nurse out in Va Beach. BTW what u see is a forshadow of things to come.
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