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No, I think Polygamy is selfish. Why is it that the man gets to have multiple partners and the woman doesn’t? I don’t like inequality. Personally, I think marriages are to be between one man and one woman, so I can’t share. I can’t share the person I’m supposed to be sharing everything with. I can’t be giving my all to this man & he’s getting alls from about 4 or 5 other chicks. LOL

Replied To: WHAT IF TREY WERE A POLYGAMIST? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2011

I agree w/ @Numba1Hon. But it's kinda weird like when I pre-ordered the EP, it came w/ a membership & I already have one, so .... I don't really get that, but it's okay.

Replied To: Membership AND Renewals Q&A (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2011

LOL @ JIMS! Good one!

Replied To: TREYZ INDECENT PROPOSAL (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2011

HAHAAA!!! I always wondered about indecent proposals. Did the movie spawn this post? If so, just remember what happened in the movie - straight chaos! :)

Replied To: TREYZ INDECENT PROPOSAL (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2011

Y'all are hee-larious!!!!!

Replied To: Which Song Sent You Over the Edge? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2011
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