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@CutTGurl609 - I felt SUPER embarrassed for her, too! Then the girl that called her a "dumb biatch" - that wasn't even necessary. But LOL @ Trey for putting her on blast. He's been telling ppl for the longest that that's not him on there. Oh well, if they insist on talking to a fraud, then so be it!

Replied To: Trey Songz says he is not on Skype (Forum topic)
On: Mar 17, 2011

@Numba1Hon - what did she mean by "they have niggas"??? Did she mean that they have black in them? If so, so do many Puerto Ricans. But you're right, if we go along w/ it, they'll think that it's ok.

On: Mar 15, 2011

Cara2012, Please don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you shared this b/c I hadn't seen it. It's just that - well, here's my example. You know how it's okay for your family to make fun of you or say certain things to you, but not a stranger. Well, that's just the way I see it. I feel as if black women already have a lot to contend with, particularly with standards of beauty, so the the last thing we need is for someone putting us all in one category basically saying that we personify the look of a slave w/ "bad hair".

Just so we're clear everyone, I'm not trying to offend or exclude anyone, but this video is ALL about race & we can't ignore that. I defintely have a sense of humor, but half of whether or not I consider something funny depends delivery & who delivers it. C'mon now - saying he bought a cage for her monkey cousins. It's 20-freakin-11 & we're still having to battle this? To be honest, I wouldn't have been happy if a black man said it either, but this other dude saying it can/will just open the flood gates for others feeling it is okay to clown us. And all races do get made fun of, but we always get singled out for our attritubes & styles, yet the world loves to rock it. It's such a contradiction.

And perhaps, this dude isn't the real problem. The real problem is Russ Parr's show that wrote & aired it. See, what many of us don't do is leave our own comfort zone. If you [not you specifically] tuned into some of these "other" stations, you'd hear the real "jokes" and they sound much like this, but harsher. Just b/c someone laughs does not take the malice out of it. Do understand that stereotypes are alive, real & going nowhere.

Just last week, I overheard some attorneys at my job in an office really having a serious conversation about basketball & ghettoisms - I guess all black ppl derive from the ghetto. You should have heard the stereotypes.

But I'm not preaching, just giving you another side of the coin.

On: Mar 15, 2011

You know what's worst - I'm so sure that a black person wrote this.

On: Mar 14, 2011

...I'm on the fense about this b/c if it was just an assessment about BAD weave, then that would be one thing. But all the stereotypes & the pics, I didn't like. Plus, I HATE that black women are ALWAYS singled out for extensions aka weaves, when women of ALL races wear them. I understand it was done in comedy, but certain things cross the line. I did laugh at some of it, but most of it crossed a line. #my opinion

On: Mar 14, 2011
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