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:) @ JIMS – why do you say he wouldn’t like you if he distinguished? I completely disagree w/ whatever rationale you'll come with - you're dedicated & positive.

@Numba – I understand. I sometimes just get a whiff of superiority from some people and posts, which seem a tad bit negative. That’s not a diss against @GimmeUnusual. I guess encouraging people, instead of chastising, is a more proactive approach. I think what I was trying to get across is that everyone has different circumstances. Hell, some ppl only get a certain amount of time on the net b/c they are at a library. Or ppl are going through some really tough times that they mean well, but contests get lost in the shuffle of trying to find a place to live. Also, I just wanted to say that Trey has some amazing fans & to not be discouraged b/c other artists fans vote a million times a day. We have to realize that most of their fan base are children that don’t have responsibilities.

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On: Oct 13, 2011

First, I’ll say that I voted. I always do. However, why is a fan that voted 100 times more important than the one that voted once? I get what y’all are saying about it showing support, but Trey doesn’t distinguish – he supports the fans that started w/ him yesterday & the ones from back in the day; the fan that bought one cd and the one that bought all of them. It’s quality that counts, not quantity. To be honest, I don’t trust polls and electronic voting, but I do it anyway. But some ppl distrust & dislike award shows. The most deserving ppl never receive their just due by the entertainment community. It comes from us showing support by actually patronizing an artist’s work – i.e. concerts, PAYING for downloaded music, requesting records, etc.

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On: Oct 13, 2011

There are plenty of Chicago Angels, but I guess sometimes it's hard for ppl to link up. I'm @eccentrixbreeze

On: Oct 13, 2011
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On: Oct 11, 2011
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