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Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Aug 05, 2011

That's a BEAUTIFUL idea Tiffan700! I'm so sorry your cousin feels that way. We all have our insecurities, at which happen to peek around that age range. Hey, these guys may like a certain type, but I can say first hand that Trey doesn't make his fans feel ugly, b/c what your fans look like have nothing to do with your looks. I wish you great success with your program. And I definitely think we all have a responsibility to help these young women do better & feel better, b/c the ball is being dropped somewhere.

On: Jul 30, 2011

Me, either!!!! LOL

Replied To: Start Over (Forum topic)
On: Jul 11, 2011

Hey CutTiGurl609, I can definitely see what you're talking about. His voice would have flowed effortlessly & beautifully on a track like this. But he's going to get that beautiful duet that he so desires. He's going to get it when he least expects & probably not with who he thinks he will. I think a more low profile singer will probably work out best - like Jazmine Sullivan - LOVE her voice. There's a lot of beautifully voiced singers that get zero juice.

Replied To: Start Over (Forum topic)
On: Jul 11, 2011
Replied To: ESSENCE WRAP UP (Blog)
On: Jul 07, 2011
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