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I'm an ardent music & book enthusiast! I can't live w/o GREAT music!
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only): 
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Ariel @COOGIdown's picture that is the download link for motivation..... and you can always count on my posts on TSMB for new music.

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how do u get on that atlantic thing to leave ideas

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Thank you so much for the birthday wish girl it was everything I wanted i had a blast. Sorry I'm respondin so late but I just saw it your message for the first time.

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thanks girl!!!! that pic is really old like '08 old lol :)

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Thank you honey! I really enjoyed meeting Trey Songz again. Ppl call that our prom picture. LOL

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haha i see you! see...... aint it great to know that ish about Trey? :)

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girl go head n do ya research! \ and search for the "Trey Songz" thread... it got like 90 pgs. pg 3 has some GOOOOOD stuff. the beginning has the best "Tea" as they call it. n there have been groupie interviews with like... Vibe or somethin. Idk, You wont have to search hard to find alotta info. :)

Oh! & first & foremost go here for some good reads (there are 3)

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hey girl! i dont believe there is any direct messaging... you'd have to do else where from the site. FB, twitter, myspace... you know? whats up?