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Im down, for whateva, a crusie, vegas, etc. FYI my cousin is a travel agent, i can look into it if you all would like, just let me know.

Replied To: Angel's Cruise ()
On: May 09, 2012

@xKhoca mention me so can follow back!!! Kisses!!! Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!

On: May 09, 2012

I would love to help. My contact info @KocaBaby or KocaMusic@gmail

On: Sep 08, 2011

A few of the pages didn't exist. Maybe you've changed your name.. so let me know. And if i didn't follow you let me know as well. I'm sure I got everybody.

On: Oct 04, 2010

OK i just followed everyone! #Muah

On: Oct 04, 2010
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