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On: Jul 01, 2010
On: Jul 01, 2010
On: Jun 23, 2010
On: Jun 22, 2010
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My name is Khristie and I'm a sexy Virgo! My close friends and loved ones call me Love or Khristielove. I currently live in Jackson, MS, where I am a full-time graduate student at Jackson State University majoring in Political Science. Part-time I work at a clothing store because of my interest in fashion and modeling. In the next year, I plan on attending a law school to complete my career goal. In my free time I love to listen to music of any genre, but more so R&B and Hip Hop, of course! I'm a 80's baby, 1986 to be exact. I also enjoy shopping and going out on the town with my friends every once and a while. I am fun-loving, free spirited, and outspoken. Most people say that I am very down to earth and very easy to get a long with. Most guys say that I'm very attractive and have a cute sense of style. I say that I am very beautiful, smart, intelligent, and the list goes on. I joined this site because I met Trey in 2005 at JSU at a performance and I am still a tru fan :)!
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