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September 14

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September 10

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  • We grow up thinking one day i'll marry my one and only person designed special for me. I thought I met mine, I still think he has potential. We dated in High School, I went off to college.

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September 6

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September 5

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Trey Trey!!!! From the first time I heard your voice I knew that you were gonna make it!!!! "I gotta make it" was a great album, I felt the hunger you had for the industry in your voice. "Trey Day"??? My Ex fiance' went out and got that for me after I already had gotten it, cause I put him on to you, yeah, we were "role play"ing sumthing serious!!! Lol.. "Ready" was the most perfect album I have ever heard in my life until I heard "Passion Pain Pleasure". There are a lot of mixtape joints I would have liked to make an album, but hey, it is what it is. And Im listenin to it all!!!! From the Lyrics to the Vocals to the Instrumentals, You and Your team are the "Bomb Diggity" lol..... Keep up the good work!!!!! I made this up today what you think??? (Or I think I made it up, I kno I didn't get it 4rm anyone else, It just popped in my head, Ya'll probably been had it all figured out tho) -Everyday "I Gotta Make It" "Trey Day", cause Im "Ready" for "Passion Pain & Pleasure"!!! @KiaMarie542
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Oh yea, btw, Im single now cause "he didn't want my love, my love, noooooo"............... Just an F.Y.I........

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