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im 23 yrs young, i luv Tremaine Aldon Neverson, im NO GROUPIE! its not n my nature, although Trey is Gods Gift to women, hes so much more than meets the eye! i luv his voice of course hes my favorite singer! im a true trey fan! im not of these girls thats came out of no where after he cut the braids nd started gettn big, i luvd treys voice the very 1st time i ever heard him on his answer to R.Kellys Trapped In The Closet! nd ive loved his look since the first time i seen his video Just Gotta Make it on Bet (skinny nigga wit braids straight bak, straight outta virgina wit a black durag!) ! i have all his cds my macbook nd iphone is pretty much ALL Trey (lol). i even named my car after him ALDON! (lol) i luv REAL trey fans that undertand his art nd passion, nd i DISLIKE fake fans that jus found out who trey was wen READY hit stores (clowns) but thats pretty much it lol #TRUTREYFAN!
new york
United States
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