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On: Mar 24, 2010
Replied To: Free Giveaway Friday! (Blog)
On: Mar 13, 2010
Replied To: Successful - Drake & Trey Songz (Video)
On: Sep 12, 2009

If Trey Songz kiss me I wouldn't know what to do, but for sure I will turn bright red or have a lost of breath and pass out.

On: Jul 27, 2009

I would just let things go with the flow, because he the type of person that looks like he have fun. Loves to laugh because he is always having a great time with the people around him. Plus with two people that likes to have fun and laugh a lot there would never he a dull moment.

On: Jul 27, 2009
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I wonderful people to be around. A major fan of Trey Songz, been supporting ever since the joint with Twister. A smiley, bubbly personality. Nothing more to say.