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I believe for the most part ticket prices are based on the venue where the concert is held. I purchased VIP tickets earlier this year for me and my sister and they cost me $489.50 per ticket (total $980 plus insurance fees)....smh....I truly doubt if the prices will change too much from that, but it will be nice It would be wonderful if they let us purchase tickets separately this time though since spending basically a thousand dollars isn't feasible for most of us.

On: Sep 30, 2012

Going to the signing in Waldorf MD!!

On: Aug 23, 2012

You have my vote babe! I pray your mom wins! :)

On: Apr 21, 2012

Tricia girl you ain't speaking nothing but thre TRUTH!! lls I'm over 30 as well and know what I want....give me what I've been feening for please and thank you.

On: Mar 24, 2012

Your more than welcome.:) Sending pics now, I have to find another way to send the videos since the files are so huge.

On: Mar 05, 2012
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