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not even 10 like 10000x100!!!!cuz he's just plain sexc n a great person inside 2!!!

On: Aug 05, 2010

if he din't do it 2 me den sure.Sure i'll b dissapionted in him but u learn 2 understand dat he knew wat he did was wrong n he'll learn from it.......n trey iz so much cutter den chris...lolzzz;)

On: Jul 28, 2010

i luv everything about trey!!;his body,his tats,he has da cutest simle,his i said EVERYTHNG!!!!

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 27, 2010
On: May 09, 2010

i would have 2 say his face-his eyes,his smile.but then agian his abbs r great 2...

Replied To: What is Tremaine's (Trey) best feature? (Forum topic)
On: May 09, 2010
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ain't nothing yall got 2 know bout meh accept da fact dat meh lik trey songz,loyd,john cena,n many more cute guyz! :) p.s-if u got weeworld(weemee) add meh,"kim47"