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On: Nov 02, 2011
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Very sociable and easy to talk to. Am Understanding and loves reading and music. Into cool gadgets and movies. Am an aspiring pilot. Really love swimming and loves a good volleyball game. Am a lovable individual and strive to be perfect though i slip up sometimes. Love water and wishes to own a sword or two someday! I done loads of jobs, from Gardening, to housekeeping, Swimming Pool Attendant, Bartender, Waiter, Kitchen Assistant, Assistant Electrician, File Clerk, receptionist, Administrative Clerk, now Sales Representative at Barnard's (1999) Limited and United Insurance. I have and still enjoy doing most of them. I am really flexible and versatile. Love trying new things. Love the Bible and I see myself as a leader in some form! Adore sports and Hiking. Always think about putting others first and very helpful!
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