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I voted for him twice! C'mon, we gotta get enough votes! He deserves to win, he's worked hard and come a long way. <3 <3 <3

On: Oct 12, 2012

I can't wait for my baby to come to NY. Hope the tickets aren't too expensive. I NEED to meet him! How else is he gonna know we're meant to be? <3 <3 <3

On: Oct 12, 2012

Vote for Trey Songz on for best male hip hop and R&B artist of the year!!! For the American Music Awards! <3 He deserves to win!

Replied To: Chapter V Tour Pre-sale! (Blog)
On: Oct 11, 2012

I can't believe I saw this too late :( Congrats to the winner. I'll have my day where we can finally meet. :) Love you Trey! <3

Replied To: Private Concert! (Blog)
On: Aug 27, 2012
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Jennifer Neverson
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My name is Jen and I absolutely am in LOVE with Trey Songz! Hopefully We'll meet one day so he can see how awesome i am and be in love with me too :) <3
Putnam Valley
New York
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Trey Songz, there's many more but he's most important :) <3
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Please send me a tweet: @TreySongzMryMe