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Replied To: My Passion Video For Trey :) (Video)
On: Jan 05, 2011
Replied To: ATL ANGEL MEET & GREET (Blog)
On: Dec 15, 2010

Kristen Campbell
Angel name: Dior Angel
City: Philly
Bio:I am a girl that just wants to be succesful so I am doing what I need to do. I Love You Tremaine!

Why did I become an angel? I became an angel because I love trey soooo much and I go so hard for him. He works hard for us so we should work hard for him!

On: Dec 02, 2010

CANT WAITTT but ugh i have to wait until i get paid to buy my tickets. i hope i get good seats to see my baby :) anybody know where i can get some wings ? lol. follow me angels @angel_kristen

On: Nov 11, 2010
On: Oct 26, 2010
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amazing person with a great head on her shoulders, a young lady that likes to have fun and really LOVES trey songz and all his music . he's amazing !( They say nobody's perfect but forreal forreal , if Trey aint perfect, then i dont know what is.)
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