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Can I just say you bought me back to my High school days Angelique. I can't believe you made Trey a virgin in this story OMG. You really took it to another level I remember reading stories for B2K and not never I have ever read any story where the were Christians. You should write more girl #AngelLove #TeamSongz

Replied To: DON'T JUDGE (Forum topic)
On: Oct 26, 2012

i never received my activation code but i did get my shirt,chain,letter,and treys angels card

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 22, 2012

SEXYFAC21 Thank you for your apology I know it is very sad that people are joining for the wrong reasons instead of the right one. An that reason is to support Trey Songz career

Replied To: I am official Treys Angel (Forum topic)
On: Oct 22, 2012

SEXYFACE21 I agree with you 100% I have been a loyal fan of Trey Songz for the last seven years of his career. I am not an "attention seeker" I am very aware of what Treys Angels is about and, what we stand for. I feel that you took the post way to serious; An even if Trey never follows me I would not stop being angel cause of that reason. I had asked the question out just of curiosity and as joke that is all.

Replied To: I am official Treys Angel (Forum topic)
On: Oct 21, 2012

Hey I am a DM(V) Angel you can hit on twitter @TreyAngel89

Replied To: D.M.(V). (Forum topic)
On: Oct 09, 2012
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