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daaannnnngggg I just realized today is the 12th and not the 13th...which means the tickets aren't even on sale yet....which means i've been up since 8 for nothing lol

OOOOO ooooo back into my bedroom...I go.

Replied To: FEB 12-DC (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

i'm trying to buy my ticket now but ticketmaster being a hater.

Replied To: FEB 12-DC (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

I never Dm'd him cuz he don't follow me but he DM'd be before...waaaaayyyyy back when he only had 707 followers lol

Replied To: Twitter DM's.... (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

I pre-ordered Ready and got to meet Trey in '09 for FREE! What a difference a day makes lol 2009 was a great Trey year for me. I breathed his air 3 times that year...but now? I already kept my tail home when the OMG tour passed through. That was so hard but I wasn't fukkin with old man river enough to pay that money to see him headline. Seeing Trey is like an addiction but I will NOT be broke on the side of the road holding up a "Will work for Trey Songz Tickets" sign. You crazy.

These Vip packages come with so much extra. I don't need to be front row. I'd be content in the nose bleed section if I knew I was going to get to touch him after the show. I also don't need anything else autographed. I have so much signed Trey stuff if times get a little harder I'mma start auctioning this shyt on ebay. I'd still have some left lol

I want a hug and another picture to add to my collection....that's all. But 500? I'mma have to catch his ass at an in-store or somethin lol Hopefully I get to meet him at LOVE on saturday but I doubt that'll happen. We'll see.

Replied To: Grrrrr @ these VIP prices (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011

you know i'll be there.

Replied To: Jan15th Love Nightclub show (Forum topic)
On: Jan 12, 2011
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