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Thanks for sharing where I could view the concert in full! I had all those streaming issues as well, and xumanii refunded me even though I specifically asked them not to since it was for a benefit. I ended up giving directly to AWH, and that way was able to give more than $1.99. I did ask where I could see this and no one responded, so you just made my day! Thanks again!!

On: Nov 27, 2012

Hi, I have been getting "Not Authorized" messages whenever I click on my "Updates For You" and "Activity" section of the website. Is there something going on? I've never had this issue before now. Thanks.

On: Nov 15, 2012

101 row S. I wish I was closer too!

On: Nov 13, 2012

Only certain shirts, etc are for his angels, others are for anyone to buy. I actually saw a pair of jeans that were kinda hot in Dr. Jay's I think it was... May have to go get them for the concert! I'm glad you didn't fall for the credit card over FB thing! Good for you!

On: Nov 13, 2012
On: Nov 12, 2012
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