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On: Sep 26, 2010

Trey is everything amazing put into one person..... He has the sparkly personality, respect, gentle, the talent, hard working, the body to die for, the face that has no words to describe how gorgeous he is, the lips to kill for...e.t.c,!!! He has got it all to say the least... And I do agree that his mama brought him up well cuz he's grounded, down to earth!!! Trey all I can say is I love u... And keep up the good work!!! We r all here for u.....

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 22, 2010

Trey is sooooooo much better in every way... Physically and talent wise!!!!!
TRIGGER TREY all the way....

Replied To: WHO IS BETTER CHRIS BROWN or TREY SONGZ? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 22, 2010
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