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This is my prayer to you Tremaine. I pray that the LORD give you strenght to endure the traps that are set up by the enemy and the snares of the earth. GOD has fore more greater plans for you and you are only at a cross road at the moment that will give you a ultimatum to choose if you want to walk with JESUS or continue to get rich off of this world, which we all know that GOD has all the riches that our heart desires set up in the kingdom of GOD and also in this earth. I love you and you know that GOD does, and I just have to say that acohole and things that may be some pleasure just for the moment will only be that a moment. Give your all to GOD and he most definitely give his all to you, im not a judge, but im just one who has to allows GOD to you use me up.

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On: Dec 03, 2010

I read your post and first I want to start off by saying I love you and GOD love you and also that GOD is up to something very great. When I first had a chance to view our beloved Trey in 05 I knew that it was/is something about him that I could not put my finger on but in my spirit I knew that it was something very special. Yes Trey is only a man and yes he needs to have "prayer warriors" surrounding him along with love and support, which I am sure that his mother & grandmother/family all do that well. The LORD gave me a revelation about Tremaine and I must say that the devil does not want to have people doing the will of GOD not matter what your life style is, it's never to late to turn to GOD your first love. Trey has such a great anointing on him that people really can't deny it, that is why so many young ladies love him, although he is handsome that's not just it and if you have a personal relationship with JESUS then this connection will be undeniable to feel and see that this man has the blood of JESUS covering him needless to say if he ask for it daily or someone surrounding him does, it's there. GOD has a calling over this young mans life and it's way more further than what others may see at the moment, so just stick in there and wait to see what is next to come for Tremaine Aldon Neverson\0/

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On: Dec 03, 2010
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I am a female who is completely in love with Trey personality, I have been a fan every since 2006. I am a beautiful young woman who desires to make a difference in this world so every morning when I wake up I ask JESUS to give me strength because my strength comes from JESUS Joy and if I make someone smile or if I give a person a hug...well in my heart I feel that it made a difference.
I love to sing in my free time, and I like to basically make songs up about my life experience of life hardship or the favor that GOD has allowed me to receive. I'm a eighties baby so I love to create a early ninety verses modern day sound together. I read books that put life into a realistic perspective. Lastly I just like to go out and see what the world has to offer such as the, beach, movies, resteraunt, ect....
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Trey songz is my favorite artist "hands down" because his style is so authentic. Trey takes his time to make sure each pitch,tone and lyrics go hand and hand on his album for his fans to enjoy audio and also live. not to mention Trey has multitask skills as a rapper/R&B artist. I love Boys 2⃣ Men,112, Jagged Edge, 3 doors down and New Edition.
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