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On: Sep 07, 2010
Replied To: Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour (Video)
On: Aug 15, 2010

I love Trey that is all I have to say. I wish this dude was my best friend because he really seems to just be the type of guy I would love to be around "you know" he would make me laugh. So Trey team thank you for giving us an idea of how Trey life really is and he is really getting a little personal now. So We the fans could not ask for any better.

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2010

Yes I would in a heart beat. If you feel that someone is sent from heaven for you then obvisouly so and I am not imaging any thing, my soul desires to be with him no matter how many flaws he may or may not have I really don't care "not saying that I am a judge of him", but everybody has something that they have to work on while on this earth. So don't put this blind over your eyes and say oh Tremaine is so perfect or "he should not do this or that", because he will, {why you say because he is human}. All I can say is that I am in Love with him and I don't even know him, imagine that.

On: Jun 30, 2010

Ayesha I really like your style, you really have great talent girl. So I guest I would see you on the up and up.

On: Jun 25, 2010
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I am a female who is completely in love with Trey personality, I have been a fan every since 2006. I am a beautiful young woman who desires to make a difference in this world so every morning when I wake up I ask JESUS to give me strength because my strength comes from JESUS Joy and if I make someone smile or if I give a person a hug...well in my heart I feel that it made a difference.
I love to sing in my free time, and I like to basically make songs up about my life experience of life hardship or the favor that GOD has allowed me to receive. I'm a eighties baby so I love to create a early ninety verses modern day sound together. I read books that put life into a realistic perspective. Lastly I just like to go out and see what the world has to offer such as the, beach, movies, resteraunt, ect....
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Trey songz is my favorite artist "hands down" because his style is so authentic. Trey takes his time to make sure each pitch,tone and lyrics go hand and hand on his album for his fans to enjoy audio and also live. not to mention Trey has multitask skills as a rapper/R&B artist. I love Boys 2⃣ Men,112, Jagged Edge, 3 doors down and New Edition.
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