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Every Song on all his albums yum yum bubble gum.

On: Apr 20, 2010

His Hillary Clinton........Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

On: Apr 20, 2010

I would tell him to show me Whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttt.

On: Apr 20, 2010

That is true CANDYKISSES365 and I would mainly be me because first of all he know his mother and he most definitely would not bring a woman home unless she had her head on straight and would be a respectful person to introduce to mom. Oh and did I say I would just be me, because he would love me anyway also along with mom. Ha Ha Ha, and girl did you see his mother she is beautiful hell she even look as if she is his age, so that mean he has good genes.

On: Apr 16, 2010

Wuz up Kissz,
The reason I believe Tremaine Neverson should be with me is my birth rights. It was promised to me in my soul, heaven already made this plan before I was even born as well as tremaine. So that is my answer!!!!!!!!
You did not really belive that s*@t, but it did sound good.

Replied To: REASON? (Forum topic)
On: Apr 01, 2010
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I am a female who is completely in love with Trey personality, I have been a fan every since 2006. I am a beautiful young woman who desires to make a difference in this world so every morning when I wake up I ask JESUS to give me strength because my strength comes from JESUS Joy and if I make someone smile or if I give a person a hug...well in my heart I feel that it made a difference.
I love to sing in my free time, and I like to basically make songs up about my life experience of life hardship or the favor that GOD has allowed me to receive. I'm a eighties baby so I love to create a early ninety verses modern day sound together. I read books that put life into a realistic perspective. Lastly I just like to go out and see what the world has to offer such as the, beach, movies, resteraunt, ect....
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Trey songz is my favorite artist "hands down" because his style is so authentic. Trey takes his time to make sure each pitch,tone and lyrics go hand and hand on his album for his fans to enjoy audio and also live. not to mention Trey has multitask skills as a rapper/R&B artist. I love Boys 2⃣ Men,112, Jagged Edge, 3 doors down and New Edition.
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