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i met him before i became an angel through a radio contest, since i've became an angel i will be meeting him for the third time saturday. you can participate in angel missions, and/or vip tickets

Never give up on meeting Trey, im sure you'll meet him soon :)

On: Feb 09, 2011

im traveling from NC!

On: Feb 07, 2011

i think by him saying he is trey is STUPID, be yourself, dont use someone else. i think its spectacular pretty sure if some ppl had ppl on twitter impersonating them they would be opinion

On: Feb 02, 2011
On: Feb 01, 2011

MANN where do i start...OMG concert was one of the best concerts i've attended in a while!! Miguel, Trey and Usher K I L L E D it!!!!

I won skip the line, we didnt find out about Skip the line til the day of, which was a major throw off for NC angels; we were only given about an hour to enter, but for many angels it was too late because we were already in the line waiting. However, i guess everything was in my favor because i left my card at home that i had for Trey so i had to get out of line to go and get it. luckily @TreysAngels sent out a tweet about entering just as i got home. i entered and went back to Best Buy not really expecting to receive an email saying i was one of the 25 angels...that was a blessing. this was my 2nd time meeting Trey and this time it was more intimate and i loved it. he is truly an amazing person and extremely welcoming.

I entered the Ultimate angel contest but didnt win...but the concert was just an amazing experience. i definitely talked about it for months and i still talk about it. Trey actually pointed me out twice during the show, i guess i stood out because of my blinking wings :)

Greensboro NC

On: Jan 27, 2011
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HIIII! My name is Amanda or better known as laBELLEnicole on twitter. I am a 20 year old NC Angel, Greensboro NC to be exact. Im addicted to songz and will continue to follow this guy throughout his journey Follow me on twitter @laBELLEnicole and @TeamTriggaNC =)
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