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MANN where do i start...OMG concert was one of the best concerts i've attended in a while!! Miguel, Trey and Usher K I L L E D it!!!!

I won skip the line, we didnt find out about Skip the line til the day of, which was a major throw off for NC angels; we were only given about an hour to enter, but for many angels it was too late because we were already in the line waiting. However, i guess everything was in my favor because i left my card at home that i had for Trey so i had to get out of line to go and get it. luckily @TreysAngels sent out a tweet about entering just as i got home. i entered and went back to Best Buy not really expecting to receive an email saying i was one of the 25 angels...that was a blessing. this was my 2nd time meeting Trey and this time it was more intimate and i loved it. he is truly an amazing person and extremely welcoming.

I entered the Ultimate angel contest but didnt win...but the concert was just an amazing experience. i definitely talked about it for months and i still talk about it. Trey actually pointed me out twice during the show, i guess i stood out because of my blinking wings :)

Greensboro NC

On: Jan 27, 2011

aww man, i really hope everything works out....i've DM'd @TreysAngels about this post

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On: Jan 27, 2011

i'll be at the DC show
Orchestra Section
can't waittttt

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On: Jan 20, 2011

As far as the pair...for an example; you and i wanna go to the concert together and get the diamond VIP package, and they're 350 dollars...I have to pay 350 and you have to pay 350, so the total that you will be paying is 700 dollars for that package.

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On: Jan 12, 2011

i am! coming from NC :)

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On: Jan 12, 2011
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HIIII! My name is Amanda or better known as laBELLEnicole on twitter. I am a 20 year old NC Angel, Greensboro NC to be exact. Im addicted to songz and will continue to follow this guy throughout his journey Follow me on twitter @laBELLEnicole and @TeamTriggaNC =)
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