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We are still tryin to get something together, Christina and I are waiting for the skip line emails to go out. reason being is because if ppl dont win skip line they'll wanna get to the signing early...and having something after the signing will have a conflict too because ppl wanna get dressed and get to the coliseum on time...what do you guys think?

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On: Dec 04, 2010

We should all get together and take a picture at the signing, if possible.

And an Angels with Heart would be a great idea.

On: Dec 01, 2010

i LOVE this!

On: Nov 17, 2010

any of you guys doin the ultimate fan contest?

On: Nov 13, 2010

i am SOOO excited, i pretty much have followed all the NC angels, but if not follow me @laBELLEnicole

On: Nov 04, 2010
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HIIII! My name is Amanda or better known as laBELLEnicole on twitter. I am a 20 year old NC Angel, Greensboro NC to be exact. Im addicted to songz and will continue to follow this guy throughout his journey Follow me on twitter @laBELLEnicole and @TeamTriggaNC =)
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