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*sighs* i would like to say that i am guilty...i pointed that out last night on twitter...HOWEVER...its all so damn fishy, they stopped on the SAME day, yeah it wasnt the exact same time but the SAME day or maybe its a i said last night, trey NEVER gets caught by paparazzi...he's too smart. think about it, you've NEVER seen him on MTO photographed with anyone... Thirdly follow me on twitter @laBELLEnicole

On: Oct 16, 2010

this was GOODD!!!!!! LOVEEE IT!
crazy thing is i can hear him sayin ALL of this!
whats the next one called??

On: Oct 15, 2010

AHHH!!! congratss =)

On: Oct 11, 2010

he just has the wrong director directing his videos, he has had the same director for both videos. i don't think its anything with the Illuminati

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On: Oct 10, 2010

I dont like the fact that i'm following like 4 Angels and i have mentioned them before but they arent following back, like they are some type of celebrity or something. i havent unfollowed them yet cause they are Angels...but i'm thinking about it


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On: Oct 08, 2010
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HIIII! My name is Amanda or better known as laBELLEnicole on twitter. I am a 20 year old NC Angel, Greensboro NC to be exact. Im addicted to songz and will continue to follow this guy throughout his journey Follow me on twitter @laBELLEnicole and @TeamTriggaNC =)
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