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she's the female voice on Passion Pain & Pleasure...Made to be Together and the Passion Interlude

Replied To: Who is @SashaGomez???? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 27, 2010

My Info:
Name: Amanda Rhoda
Twitter: @laBELLEnicole
State: North Carolina
Angel Name: Sophisticated Angel

On: Oct 25, 2010


Replied To: Im Trying To Follow All Of The Angels (Forum topic)
On: Oct 25, 2010 may be following the wrong ones...not tryna throw shade but there are angels that have the "celebrity mentality" and NEVER follow ppl back. they always cursing you out, and thats why i only follow POSITIVE ppl...Secondly...honey, i never thought i would meet Trey Songz at ALL. it was always a dream and never once did i think it would become a reality. but he's always speaking about having the dedication and determination and you can do anything, and that stuck with me, so when my city had a trey for a day contest, i entered it, and i had dedication and i wasnt gonna let ANYTHING get in my way, and then i won. might i add...i've NEVER won a contest positive and always hope for the best, take advantage of the upcoming meet and greet for the OMG tour...Thirdly FOLLOW me and i'll introduce you to some angels that always show love. @laBELLEnicole
you deserve to be an Angel =)

On: Oct 23, 2010

well i got mine today...still don't know how to feel considering ppl are tellin me my seats are good, but its section B row 20 =/

Replied To: Greensboro, NC OMG Tour (Forum topic)
On: Oct 22, 2010
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HIIII! My name is Amanda or better known as laBELLEnicole on twitter. I am a 20 year old NC Angel, Greensboro NC to be exact. Im addicted to songz and will continue to follow this guy throughout his journey Follow me on twitter @laBELLEnicole and @TeamTriggaNC =)
United States
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