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Treys Angels tweeted and said one hasnt been confirmed yet. i'm hopin for one with just his Angels...that would be fine with me! I'm prayin for one though

On: Oct 08, 2010

i definitely think Trey does everythinnggg he talks about! i know in one interview he said he writes all of his songs, so i'm sure songs like NKMN, In The Middle, etc came from experience

On: Oct 05, 2010

We dont know what exactly it is! but some angels including myself has met him before and if you look at some of his interviews or interviews about him, they always bring up his eyes...when you look into them...its like you fall deeper in love, IDK its just something about them

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On: Oct 05, 2010

yes the angel mission is if one of us or all of us meet him, dont look him his eyes...i dont believe it can happen, but if any of us survive this eye mission, you have to share it on this thread! AND for those who hasnt met him yet, and you get caught in the "eyes" share your experience as well! lol!

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On: Oct 05, 2010

the only reliable blog i look at is MTO is not a good source for anything...not unless they have actual fottage of somethng

On: Oct 05, 2010
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