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What about listening to him? All the reasons you girls are saying are wonderful but sometimes people in his place needs somebody that will just listen. Or when he is mad just to sit and understand that the best thing sometimes is to sit in silence! Of course we all know his physical wants are going to be taken care of...but ladies lets dig deeper!

On: Aug 01, 2009

Im in cali visiting and would like to go to something like im in! DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!

On: Aug 01, 2009
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What is this section really for? People pass judgement anyways. Nevertheless...I am my biggest competition. If I dont fight and grind for what I want who will??? You have to always remember that it's always somebody out here trying to make it to the same spot you want. I just wont stop at nothing...ITS MY LIFE AND I LIVE IT!! Go hard at any means. You only live once so do what you do...just be safe about it! Cuz I am :)