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I Would Ask Him How Does It Feel To Be A Sex Symbol And Thee Hottest R&B Artist Out There!!

On: Jul 12, 2010

I'd Probably Freeze! And Just Stare Into Hisss Eyesss :)

On: Jul 12, 2010

His Eyesss :) He Can Make You Feel Like Hes Talking To You!! Andd His Voice That Can Give You Butterflies As Soon As He Hit A Note! Woooo!

On: Jul 12, 2010

Hecksss Yea! I mean he gets me thru the day. If i didnt listen to him id probably be in a bad mood all day!! :)

On: Jul 12, 2010
On: Mar 19, 2010
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Som3 P3opl3 say im obs3ss3d with Tr3y no im not i just hav3 a conn3ction with his voic3 and th3 songs h3 sings th3 h3ll out of...I Just Gotta Mak3 It..Tr3y Da3..R3ady...i lov3d it all and his mixtap3s too!!!!!