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CONGRATS!!! Trey, i loved that album got it when it first hit the stores favorite songs kinda lovin' and in the middle he is just so amazing he the best in R&B game can't nobody touch him 4 Years and Counting BABY!!!

Replied To: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 2 TREY SONGZ!!!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 26, 2009

we would lay on the beach and talk about everything he would tell me about his life and i would tell him about mines. we would play in the ocean and kiss in the sand under the stars. he would see that i like him for him and not for his fame i wanna get to know Tremaine Aldon Neverson while still being a fan of Trey Songz.

On: Jul 26, 2009
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Classy, cute, smart, and fun i live my life to the fullest and best believe i love me some tremaine aldon neverson aka trey songz