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@Nikki...If you love this you will love my book even more...DM ur e-mail to me on twitter or list it here (and send me a mention letting me know you did) and I will send you a copy!! Plenty more where this came from...Yall need to put Nikki up on game!! LOL

Replied To: TreyGasm 6 "Role Play" ()
On: Nov 13, 2010

Trey? The one who's stare will hypnotize you?? The one who's smile will make you melt?? The one I wrote a 65 pg book about?? The one I'm still writing ish about?? The one who knows the combination to get into anybody's locked panties?? The one who inspires people to go for their dreams?? The one who gives his angels wet dreams lol??? The one who's voice stole my heart?? The one that will make you sleep with your phone waiting on a tweet??? Yeah...I know him that's my baby!! LOL

Replied To: My angel competition!! ()
On: Nov 13, 2010

@Fabgyrl25...Thank you...I always want to end them with you guys wanting's just my style...this song was heavily requested so I had to do it!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Replied To: TreyGasm 6 "Role Play" ()
On: Nov 13, 2010

This is such a hard question...I would have to say "One Love"...Beautiful Song...

On: Nov 12, 2010
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On: Nov 12, 2010
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I am an honest and loving individual with a purpose. Writing is my passion and I love to connect with other people who are serious and mature.
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