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They re coming know we got you!!!!

On: Nov 12, 2010

I'm glad you guys liked this one...make sure you are following me (LadyAJ03), Tricia (gimmeunusual), and Shay (TreysAngels914) on Twitter and also follow @CelebLuvGasms!!! More to come!!!

Replied To: TreyGasm 6 "Role Play" ()
On: Nov 12, 2010

Welcome....I hope that you enjoy your angel experience!!! Follow me on Twitter @LadyAJ03

On: Nov 10, 2010

Thanks for posting this the readers...yall don't know...but we have alot more in store for you!!

On: Nov 07, 2010

YEAH...CHI TOWN ALL DAY!!! @LadyAJ03...I might even bring books to hand out!! OWW!!! I CAN NOT WAIT...Just saw Trey in August for PPP in milwaukee so glad he's coming back!!! YAYY!!!

On: Nov 04, 2010
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