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@Shay...I had to read this one again...LOve LOve LOve the part when Lonzo says he's Mr. Repo That Bitch...#DEAD...I'm so happy u did this...reallg good and really different!!

On: Nov 04, 2010

AAAHHHH!!!! I knew you could do it!!! That's why I love you man!!!

On: Nov 04, 2010

Yeah...That chick that tightroped on the balcony and the one that jumped on the stage at the milwaukee show (PPP) are both pure crazy!!! I would never do somethin' like that..I'm much more clever...I'm gon' try to work my way back there through ppl I know but I'm not gon' do anything stupid...we should all just enjoy the show...

On: Nov 03, 2010

Get me ur Requests for the book so you can read the edited version!! DM me on twitter or e-mail!

On: Nov 02, 2010

LOL...Remember all of these are in the book so don't forget to get ur copy!!

On: Nov 02, 2010
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