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Get me ur Requests for the book so you can read the edited version!! DM me on twitter or e-mail!

Replied To: The Last Time... Part 1 (Fan Story) (Forum topic)
On: Nov 02, 2010

LOL...Remember all of these are in the book so don't forget to get ur copy!!

Replied To: TreyGasm Part 4 "Love Faces" (Forum topic)
On: Nov 02, 2010

DM Me on Twitter or e-mail for your copy of the book containing all of my stories!!

Replied To: TreyGasm Pt. 1...Massage (Forum topic)
On: Nov 02, 2010

All of these are in the book!!! E-mail me at with "Book Request" as the subject line!! What are u waiting for?? IT's FREE!! You can Also DM on Twitter!!

Replied To: TreyGasm Pt. 2 "Panty Droppa" (Forum topic)
On: Nov 02, 2010

Glad I had yall laughin!! Request the book!!! DM on twitter or e-mail me at

Replied To: The Last Time Part Two (Forum topic)
On: Nov 02, 2010
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