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@Anmariee_1ofTrey'sFinest...I'm done I'm just getting it ready to send electronically... collecting e-mails so that it is easy to send it to you...

Replied To: LADY AJ Book Requests... ()
On: Oct 30, 2010

Thanks everybody...make sure you tell everybody!!!

Replied To: LADY AJ Book Requests... ()
On: Oct 30, 2010

@MsJJBaybee...If Trey has knocked someone up he should at least ustream to say goodbye lol...Naw For real tho.. Thanks for reading...

On: Oct 30, 2010

@MsJJBaybee...Thanks for reading...Don't forget to check out the conclusion!

Replied To: The Last Time Part Five ()
On: Oct 30, 2010

this sounds interesting...I would need to read more to give you alot of feedback but I definately like the mystery of it all... is this going to involve Trey or is it just a story you are working on? Either way I would like to read more...

Replied To: Weight Of My Tears ()
On: Oct 30, 2010
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I am an honest and loving individual with a purpose. Writing is my passion and I love to connect with other people who are serious and mature.
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