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What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

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On: Jul 05, 2012

Have you heard from the girl that you forced into labor in Kansas City? Lol

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On: Jul 05, 2012
On: Jun 16, 2011

I sent my email! :)

On: May 18, 2011

Finals are over this week, so hopefully I will know my grades soon! :)

On: May 09, 2011
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I'm 21 years old and I'm studying Psychology in college. I'm very passionate about my family and dance. I'm a HUGE Trey Songz fan (obviously)! :) I'm super random and will say anything. lol I love to dance and will do it anywhere. I am very easy to get along with and love meeting new Angels. Feel free to follow me on Twitter. @TreysBallerina #ShiningStarAngel (4.7.11)
Kansas City
United States
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