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I am a 31 year old woman hailing from Yonkers, NY. Originally from the BX ( TheBronx). I am an Administrative Assistant for a non-profit organization fo adults who are physically and mentally disabled. I do not like to use the "R" word. I am currenlty pursuing my combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree in Sociology. I am also the mother of two amazing children ages 6 & 1. I have joined TreyZ AngelZ, not for the groupie factor :), but to support a man with extreme talent, and let's no forget the exclusive perks:)!! I first seen Trey at the OMG Tour,in NYC on 12/13/10. It obviously had me wanting to see more of his perfomance, his own show. Luckily he came back to NYC for the LoveFaces Tour on 2/11/11, and I was there 3'rd row. His performance was phenomenal!!!! I was pretty upset though, the tickets said no cameras, so I got to take no pictures and everyone had a camera. bummer:(, Luckily someon who was seated next to me sent me pictures!!! And he threw his towel at me!!! Lovely!
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