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On: Sep 03, 2009
On: Sep 03, 2009
Replied To: At The Tele Acting Silly (Blog)
On: Aug 03, 2009
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I'm A bIg TrEy SoNgZ fAn I lOvE hIm To DeAtH. I'm A VeRy OuT gOiNg PeRsOn WhO lOvEs To Be In ThE cOmPaNy Of NeW pEoPlE. I'm A vErY eAsY pERSoN tO gEt AlOnG wItH bUt If U tRy To CrOsS mE tHe UgLy SiDe Of My PeRsOnAlItY wIlL cOmE oUt. I'm A fReE sPiRiTeD pErSoN fRoM dRaMa AnD dOn'T lIkE tO gEt CaUgHt Up In ThOsE tYpE oF sItUaTiOnS tHaT lIfEsTyLe Is In ThE pAsT aNd BeHiNd Me. I'm FoCuS oN tHe FuTuRe AnD wHaT iT hAs To BrInG.