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I have to agree with "Does He Do It' it's absolutely my favorite track off the Ready album. I've been waiting for Trey to make a hot "I can do you better than him record". "I Can't Help But Wait ' was cool but "Does He Do It" is FIRE!!!!!! Plus, I can relate I found myself in that position before. But of course they couldn't do it like I did it either :)

On: Apr 19, 2010

I would have say "Does He Do It" I love it even with hits like "Panty Droppa", "Neighbors Know My Name" and "Jupiter Love" , "Does He Do It" is sultry and sexier, and extremely cocky. I think it compliments his Trigger persona to a T. And with the way modern relationships can be sometimes I'm sure many can relate , and it can work both ways of course some ladies are on some "Does She Do It" type shit.

On: Apr 19, 2010
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