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On: Mar 19, 2010
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Of course I am a huge fan of my Demolition Man Trey Songz. I've loved him since I heard him and his buddy Flawless on a mixtape. I really fell in love with him when he released his first album "I Gotta Make It" on my birthday which is July 26. I knew from that day that Trey was special. Anyway, I'm a full-time college student. I'm a Physical Therapy major and a Dance minor praying to GOD that everything goes well with that. I can dress, cook, bake, etc. I have enough drive to take to me China and back. I handle my business. I take disrespect from no one and I depend on no man to take care of me. I'm 22, about 5'3 and I'm just that laid back chick that can make your life easier.