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im repping georgia/florida

On: Jun 16, 2011

@chelle belle we have alot n common. im raising twin boys & i just pray everyday that they bcum men of god & im doing rite by thm. they really r my inspiration 2 bcum the best women & mother.

Replied To: Be The Inspiration ! ()
On: Jun 05, 2011

i luve all of the ppl who work w/ trey. they r as amazing as he is. they give so much 2 make his angels happy. they listen whn we tlk & whn we sumtimes complain, @treysangels #theunit #songbookent. all r wonderful. we appreciate all that they do!

Replied To: Trey Staff ()
On: Jun 05, 2011


On: Jun 05, 2011

for me the best part of being an angel is getting 2 meet beautiful, creative ladies that i wudnt have the chance 2 know if it wasnt for trey. i also luv that i have an outlet 2 show my love and support for trey. I LUV U ANGELS & TREY!!!!! SMOOCHES!!!!!!!

On: Jun 05, 2011
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Lady Tremaine
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Im thankful 2 continue on this journey w/ trey as his ride or die angel. He has come so far & im very proud of him. I pray god continues 2 bless & kp him as well his family, friends & all his endeavors. Im proud 2 rep him along w/ all his angels.
college park
listening 2 music and reading
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trey songz, 2pac, aaliyah, whitney houston, tank, neyo, shirley ceasar, kirk franklin
United States
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Lovefaces 2011 chicago
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